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Liquidation of furniture and inheritance, solution to the issue of distraint of debtor

How is the liquidation performed?

Our trained staff will arrange the moving and liquidation of all unwanted property. Working hours are from Monday to Sunday, thus we are able to accommodate to your demands and needs as much as possible.
If need be we are also able to liquidate hazardous materials which are the subject of ecological liquidation restrictions such as fridges, TV sets, computers, photocopiers, screens, etc. Along with the removal of the hazardous materials, we will provide you with all necessary paperwork about the liquidation.


Brief description of liquidation:
  1. Survey – visit of our employee, preliminary estimate and budget of liquidation, proposal of plan and course of liquidation – FREE OF ALL CHARGES!
  2. Professional moving out from the house
  3. Transport into the prepared transportation vehicle.
  4. Completion of the final protocol.
  5. Transport by the selected vehicle to the place of liquidation.
  6. Liquidation of the load.
  7. End



Who will take care of you?

We focus on attention to each individual customer. Only one specific person will always take care of you – the Order Manager. The Order Manager will plan the entire job, discuss the details of the job with the client, and will represent the supplier at the job site.


Do you have any questions or remarks? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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